CAMELLIA piano, a total investment of 100 million, plant area of 20,000 square meters. The introduction of the Japanese high-tech high-tech piano equipment and production lines, with the world's high-end professional NC and automatic equipment, is a professional manufacturing, high-end piano modern piano business, the design annual output will reach 50,000 units. Camilia made by German technology, completely in strict accordance with the German RheinlandTUV international piano quality system as the standard, the introduction of Germany advanced high-end manufacturing process, with reference to Germany's advanced manufacturing process, to create the world's top piano Chinese national brand. The company has a strong technical experience in the piano manufacturing professional and technical personnel, and advanced set of piano production lines, with the domestic first-class modern piano quality testing equipment. The current sales network and partners around the world.
Camellia in the "create the best quality of the national brand" as its mission to "do the best national brand" as the goal, "Let the national brand perseverance in the top of the world" as the ideal to "let each Chinese family has a Frame of their own national piano "for the vision," Cheng Chen view, realistic and innovative "concept. With the most sincere heart, do the most real thing; the pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of quality.

Camellia, meaning camellia. Is one of China's "top ten flower". Chongqing, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Jingdezhen, Wanxian, Hengyang, Kunming, Qingdao and other cities of the city flower.

Camellia piano hired Hangzhou industrial design industry's top three: Hangzhou Handu Industrial Design Co., Ltd. long tailored specifically for our appearance, making Camilia [Camellia] piano in the modern sense of simplicity, but also take into account The unique charm of China's traditional, making the Camilia piano in the same at the same time, also has a leading appearance with other domestic and foreign brands.
     Camellia concept: Cheng Huai view, realistic and innovative
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     Camellia goal: the first to do the best piano business
     Camellia attitude: with the most sincere heart, do the most real thing.
     Camellia vision: Let each Chinese family has a national piano to explore their own national brand in the top of the world.  Major honors:
     Germany RheinlandTUV International Piano Quality System Standard
     Passed ISO9001 / 2000 international quality management system certification
     China Light Industry Instrument Quality Inspection Center: high quality qualified products
     As the Chinese product quality assured customer satisfaction top ten integrity enterprises

Quality advantage:
★ hammer imported from Japan felt, so that the sound more beautiful and bright.
★ piano wire imported from Germany, the sound quality is more pure.
★ the first use of Japanese original imported sound system, the sound effect is good.
★ piano made of high quality maple, spring axle it all imported from Japan, the piano to use longer and more flexible.
★ the overall structure of the use of foreign standard design.
The sound board is made of imported Canadian spruce.
★ decorated solid wood sound board resonance and beautiful more perfect.
★ thirteen layers of maple chord axis and inverted pole string shaft, so that the pitch more stable and more reliable.
★ multi-layer glued keyboard durable deformation, reflecting the sensitive.
★ new design of the ancient and beautiful.